söndag 11 september 2011

bara ett citat, inget mer.

"I want to understand the world from your point of view. I want to know what you know in the way you know it. I want to understand the meaning of your experience, to walk in your shoes, to feel things as you feel them, to explain things as you explain them. Will you become my teacher and help me understand?"
- Spradley, 1979

fredag 5 augusti 2011

if i would be in berlin right now...

.. i would appear at the luft und liebe festival at spreepark. party, music and culture out in the open. can't be anything but amazing.

..i would drink beer at the pop-up biergarten brot&zeit at schwedterstr. 262.

fredag 15 juli 2011

how it feels to weigh a million kilos, a short story.

and fashion week closing party at picknick looked a little bit like this. except for a hideous picture where i look like no sleep too much alcohol and a million kilos. you can see that one if you click one of the pictures though, then you can see all the pictures.
in lyon right now, i am not going to survive the eating habits of the french. have already doubled over the toilet as a result from too much sugar.

torsdag 14 juli 2011


So it finally came, the day that ends one episode of my life and marks the beginning of another. This week I have been packing and yawning and stressing and hugging and dreaming and thinking and and.. My bag for France and my bag for home are both standing on the floor in my room, ready to be grabbed and taken to the airport. Taken to new adventures, My head and my heart and my stomach are at unrest. Ideas and dreams are floating around inside. I have decisions to make. I can't choose wrong.

söndag 10 juli 2011

berlin, en kärlekshistoria.

berlin berlin berlin. snart måste jag göra slut med dig, distans är inget för oss två. även om jag någon gång klagat och tänkt att annat måste vara bra, kanske bättre, så är det klart att du har en stor del av mitt hjärta. du har fått mig att öppna dörrar jag alltid dragit mig för att öppna. du har fått mig att välja stunden framför principer. du har fått mig att inse vad som är viktigt och inte. du har gett mig perspektiv på saker och ting. vi har haft mycket roligt tillsammans. vi har gjort mycket dumt tillsammans.  du har visat mig att allt är möjligt. och fått mig att inse att livet är kort och jag ska leva det så länge jag kan. och du har satt en krok i mitt hjärta, det drar och enklast skulle vara att låta dig dra mig hela vägen till dig.

re-cap, half the truth.

this weekend, no, this week, is getting blurrier and blurrier. but it is safe to say that it has treated me to... experiences.

tell me the name of a city, other than berlin, where an opening party for fashion-week takes place in a former-airport where a theme park for fashion people has been built up; where you go from frantically dancing to deichkind, to sipping sparkling drinks surrounded by moët beach balls and swarovski-crystals and not a single german voice in the air; where you buy one-euro-beer in a clothing store at night; where you get private invitations and guestlist-presence to/at private showrooms, barbecues, cocktail-parties only while you are very persistent and eager; where quoting one of the vice magazine-people "don't worry love, you're beautiful, you'll get in" is enough proof at the door to get in without a ticket; where you answer questions about chuckamuck in front of the camera and smile and say that it was amazing and so much fun even though you have no idea who chuckamuck is; where you meet creepy people who get you in to the best parties; where there is only one size tequila shots and where one size means king size; where the week's best party is thrown in the name of a designer; where you're told you down your vodka like a russian and get another one just because of it; where you're offered two guys for two euros; where you share the poolside with olivia palermo; where you're friends won't be admitted into a club because they're too overdressed and you manage to talk the doorman out of it; where a photographer named luca and his flash-carrying friend won't leave you alone all night and you wonder where what is gonna show up; where you come home in the morning, lay down in bed just to get up before falling asleep and catching a train to wannsee instead; and where everyone's name is florian.

blurry? yes
memorable? definitely
regrets? none
fun? how fun!
secrets? many.

lördag 9 juli 2011

i want mohr.

så lyckad avskeds-bbq igår och sedan i want mohr, ännu en fest i fashionweeks namn, till morgontimmarna. jag omfamnar dekadensen just nu. om ni bara visste.